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Have you made one or more requests for private credit, which unfortunately have not been completed, and wonder if these refusals have consequences?

If your file has been deposited with a bank, the refusal will be registered with the ZEK for 6 months. Each refusal is notified. It can be mentioned on different codes such as, for example, the 99 with indication of the reasons (budget, too committed, etc.) or not.

If you went through a broker and he refrained from depositing your file with a bank because you do not meet the basic conditions, you will not have registration with the ZEK.


A penalizing refusal?

credit loans

A credit rejection becomes penalizing from the moment you have to wait at least 6 months before applying for a loan again. It depends on the number and the reasons for the refusal.

The importance of numbers

A refusal and the registration to the ZEK which results from it are not penalizing in itself, since you have not accumulated more than 2.

But as soon as you reach 3 or more refusals, it becomes problematic for future credit applications.

Many people make the mistake of filing their case with several banks at the same time, and if all the banks refuse because the basic conditions under the LCC law are not met, the number of refusals registered will quickly exceed the limit of 2 with penalizing consequences for future requests.

The broker works with several banks, and will only file with the bank where your profile is most likely to get the loan. And in case of refusal, only one notification will be registered with the ZEK.

Prosecutions as grounds for refusal

If you have been unable to obtain your credit due to one or more lawsuits, it will take longer to submit a new file.

However, the registration period for the ZEK will, in any case, be 6 months, whatever the reasons for the refusal.


When to reapply for a loan?

apply loans

Before relaunching a request, it is first necessary to analyze and identify the reason for the refusal (s). As long as the reasons for the refusal have not been clarified, there is no point in relaunching a new request, regardless of the time limits.

From the moment the problem is detected and resolved, then the request can be executed again after 3 months.

If the reasons for the refusal are linked to prosecution, you will have to wait at least 6 months.

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Getting a payday advance online has never been this easy

Many credit institutions already offer it directly and conveniently over the Internet, the loan with immediate approval. If time is short and there is a lack of money, such as for a spontaneous purchase, this type of loan can be a quick solution for the determined. As a rule, the first step towards such a loan is the calculation of the monthly installments, depending on the loan amount and the desired term. This gives customers an overview before the actual application is put through, in order to put interest, rates, and terms to the test.

In particular, the financing of larger things is usually planned early, so that the necessary money is available in good time. From time to time, special offers and other spontaneous events also invite you to spend unplanned money. When the time is short and it is really urgent, offers for a payday advance online can be very useful.

Some banks also include the monthly net income in this calculation.

Some banks also include the monthly net income in this calculation.

If the calculation corresponds to the personal idea, the second step for online loans with immediate approval is the online application. This form finally decides whether a loan can be granted or not. After just a few minutes, the customer will receive an answer by email, fax or, in rare cases, by phone.

In order to complete all the formalities, the selected bank then needs a few copies of documents such as proof of income from the past three months, the identity card and the employment contract. If everything is submitted quickly, it only takes a few days until the money is in the account. In really urgent cases, some banks occasionally have to talk to them so that a transfer can be made on the same day.

The necessary amount is not always available on the account for every spontaneous idea or special short-term offers. Online loans with instant approval save a lot of time and effort, especially in such situations, so that everything still works. Online loans with immediate approval should, however, be compared well. Because the effective annual interest rate of the different offers can vary greatly. Serious providers can be found above all among those who want to score with transparency so that customers are actually well informed about your project.

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A refinanced loan is a relatively new service on the financial market that is gaining increasing popularity. Let’s look at the word “refinancing” because it is the key issue. Well, refinancing consists in acquiring additional, external sources of financing in order to replace funds already spent for some purpose. In other words, new obligations are incurred to pay off the previous ones. A refinanced loan is useful even when we are unable to pay back a loan in a company. We can then apply to refinance this loan with the service provider.

Refinanced loan – for whom?

Refinanced loan - for whom?

Loans, primarily granted electronically, sometimes have fairly short deadlines, e.g. monthly. This is the period in which all liabilities should be settled – both the sum borrowed, as well as interest and commission. Borrowers usually cope with timely repayment obligations, however, sometimes there are situations in which they arise in problems with settling loan obligations. Of course, it is always possible to apply for a loan extension, but this option does not always suit everyone.

That is why a refinanced loan appeared on the financial services market. It is eagerly used by non-bank companies, giving borrowers another tool to help repay liabilities according to agreed conditions. As mentioned before, refinancing involves a new commitment to settle previous ones.

It usually comes down to the fact that the borrower collects funds in a completely different company to transfer them to the lender with whom he has established cooperation so far.

Refinanced loan and service providers

Refinanced loan and service providers

In the case of a refinanced loan, we are talking about three sides. The first is the borrower, while the second and third parties are separate companies, which are obviously lenders. These companies settle formalities (primarily the borrower’s debt) with each other, so after using a refinanced loan, all liabilities should be settled with the company that granted the second loan – for repayment of the earlier one.

In addition to the existing receivables, you also need to remember about the refinancing cost that occurs if you use this type of service. It is worth emphasizing that the money obtained from refinancing cannot be used for other purposes. These funds must be used only to pay off previous commitments. A refinanced loan offers much wider room for maneuver. First of all, its advantages should be attributed to the ability to pay previous obligations on time.

This avoids accruing interest – the loan is regulated as agreed. Yes, there are new obligations for the second lender, but the formalities with the first lender are now regulated. Of course, you must make sure in advance whether the company in which you want to use refinancing allows you to provide such a service. If so, each borrower has the option of submitting an appropriate application.

How to apply for a refinanced loan?

The first step is to make this difficult decision, after all. However, it is very beneficial when there is a spectrum of problems with repayment of existing obligations within a time limit agreed with the lender.

Most companies that refinance loans require the submission of an application before the end of the loan period. You can usually do this in two ways – online (via the provider’s website) or at the lender’s facility.

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The interest rate on payday loans /the-interest-rate-on-payday-loans/ /the-interest-rate-on-payday-loans/#respond Thu, 30 Jan 2020 17:51:06 +0000 http://www.azponysolutions.com/the-interest-rate-on-payday-loans/ ( more... )]]>

In 2020, the interest rate for consumer loans will remain capped at 10% for payday loans and 12% for credit cards.

No change in 2020

No change in 2020

As the online newspaper 20min explains in its article, the maximum interest rate will not change in 2020, although it will be reviewed and if necessary adjusted annually.

It will stay at 10% for cash, consumer and payday loans.

As the Federal Department of Justice and Police announced on Friday, November 22, it will remain at a maximum of 12% for credit cards.

How is the interest rate defined?

How is the interest rate defined?

The maximum interest rate is checked and adjusted annually if necessary.

It is calculated from the three-month Libor rate calculated by the LifeSavers Bank and a surcharge (ten percentage points for cash advances, twelve for credit cards and overdrafts).

The result is rounded to the nearest whole number, the press release says.

Since the three-month Libor continues to be negative, the Federal Department of Justice and Police has once again set the maximum interest rate at the minimum prescribed in the Ordinance on the Consumer Credit Act.

Lowest loan rate in Switzerland?

Lowest loan rate in Switzerland?

This news is indeed excellent for the Swiss consumer who will ensure that he maintains the lowest interest rate in Switzerland for all new payday loans until 2020

If, on the other hand, the Libor rate were to rise one day, for example to 3%, the maximum rate for consumer credit could rise to 13% (maximum 10% plus 3% of the Libor), as in 2014 or earlier

The maximum rate for payday loans reached in Switzerland was 15% for a very long time. It is currently 33% more advantageous as it is blocked at 10%.


Can my credit rate change?

Can my credit rate change?

No, no matter what happens year after year, your private credit remains protected. This means that if one day the average rate in Switzerland rose by 1% or more, your credit would not be affected and the rate would not be increased. The “new” interest rate only affects newly signed loans, but all previously signed loans keep their terms.

It is unlikely that consumers will notice an increase in their rate on the way there.

However, if you want, you can simply make a request to review your tariff and contact your advisor directly if an offer is not available.

In fact, banks do regular promotions to attract new customers, giving them the opportunity to take advantage of loans at a cheaper rate.

At Moneyleap, we offer you the opportunity to review your terms and conditions every year to ensure you always get the best, but we can do it anytime, according to your needs. Contact your personal advisor who will explain the best way to handle your file.


What about Moneyleap in all of this?

Moneyleap is the Swiss financing platform that helps you to finance your loan on the best terms.

As a partner of banks, our experience and agreements with the largest financial institutions enable us to offer our customers the best interest rates year after year

  • Amounts from 3,000 to 400,000.
  • A quota of 4% or more
  • Flexible terms, up to 120 months
  • An answer in less than 24 hours
  • Consultants are available and available to you.

We are happy to help you with the implementation of your projects, no matter what they look like.

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Loan amortization table calculator /loan-amortization-table-calculator/ /loan-amortization-table-calculator/#respond Tue, 31 Dec 2019 17:47:48 +0000 http://www.azponysolutions.com/loan-amortization-table-calculator/ ( more... )]]>



The first concern that a loan applicant has is to know if their application will be approved or denied. But normally the second question they ask is related to knowing what the TIN, APR and payment terms will be to pay their mini-credit properly. All this information can be obtained free of charge with a Loan Calculator and its Amortization Chart.

Know your Amortization Chart with a Loan Calculator

Know your Amortization Chart with a Loan Calculator

It does not matter if you need urgent money for a reform, to pay the tuition of the university or to pay the bills of the month. In an online loan simulator all this information is irrelevant because the information you will need to include to calculate your online credit will be the money you need and the time in which you want to pay your loan.

In addition, as these free tools offer data on online micro loan companies regulated by the bank , you will have more options at your disposal without having to waste your time with eternal paperwork to get fast money that banks usually demand.

Loan Calculator: Amortization Chart, TIN and APR

Loan Calculator: Amortization Chart, TIN and APR

The use of an online credit simulator is very simple and will never link you to any of the fast loan companies that appear in the list. You just have to indicate the amount of money you need and how long you want to pay your mini-credit. It does not matter if you are in list or at the moment you do not have a guarantee or payroll, this does not matter because this digital tool will not evaluate your financial risk profile, it will simply show you a list with the companies that fit your expectations and needs.

Once you enter this information, the loan calculator will show you the amortization table, the TIN and the APR. If there is a company that interests you, you just have to press the corresponding button to start your online credit application process. But first you must be very clear about the following terms:

  • The Nominal Interest Rate (TIN) is the percentage of the loan amount that will be charged for the money borrowed (usually between 5% and 10%).
  • The Annual Equivalent Rate (APR) refers to other additional expenses that are normally calculated according to three parameters: the repayment term, the amount requested and the additional commissions (such as the opening and / or management fees if any).

Online loan application process

Online loan application process

By pressing the button with the link of the online micro credit company you are interested in, you will exit the Loan Calculator and its Amortization Table and begin the true process of applying for the mini loan.

In order for the company to begin evaluating your case you will have to enter certain personal and bank information and send official documents (DNI, bank account statement with expenses and income) that verify your identity and financial and credit history.

If they accept your request, in less than 24 hours (according to the policy of each company) you can receive your loan directly into your bank account and without having to go to any physical branch since the whole process is done online.

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Enrollment and financing and solutions for a loan /enrollment-and-financing-and-solutions-for-a-loan/ /enrollment-and-financing-and-solutions-for-a-loan/#respond Wed, 18 Dec 2019 16:56:43 +0000 http://www.azponysolutions.com/enrollment-and-financing-and-solutions-for-a-loan/ ( more... )]]>


Registered commutative internal banking

Registered commutative internal banking

Loans or what solutions are provided for a commutative internal banking reported person or loans to reported commutative internal banking. The commutative internal banking or rather the commutative internal banking represents one of the many databases in which we report in the event of insolvencies and/or bad debts inherent in the credit system.
commutative internal banking reporting is very particular compared to that of another database (see, for example, loans to reported CIFI database). In fact, the commutative internal banking report is triggered if there are problems or irregularities in the use of instruments such as checks and payment cards, both debit (the common ATM machine for instance) and credit (i.e. the normal credit card but at the discretion of the bank also the prepaid and rechargeable credit card – more info on credit card without checking account).

Kind of risk center

Kind of risk center

Then, very briefly, the abbreviation commutative internal banking indicates the phrase of the Alarm Center, therefore a kind of risk center in which all those who have irregularly used the means of payment described above are inserted or reported. What does commutative internal banking reporting involve? What are the consequences? These occur not only in the field of financing but also in other sectors such as for example. in case you want to open a new current account where it is not always possible to do it even if fortunately today there are current accounts specifically dedicated to those who had problems reporting to the commutative internal banking as described on opening a current account with commutative internal banking reporting.

General and systematic refusal of financing

General and systematic refusal of financing

Alerting the commutative internal banking involves, alas, the general and systematic refusal of financing for the commutative internal banking reported. The only useful solutions for obtaining a loan despite the commutative internal banking report are basically three:

1) the first is general in nature and that is to have a third party guarantor. Mind you, we are talking about a third person who guarantees the registered commutative internal banking as the only real guarantees of the reported commutative internal banking (houses and/or land) may not satisfy those who must finance the commutative internal banking members;

2) another solution for loans to reported commutative internal banking but employees and/or retirees is to transfer their fifth of the pension and/or salary.

3) Lastly, loans for commutative internal banking members can be financed through the loan also changed between private individuals. Outside of the aforementioned hypotheses, we believe that there are no loans to reported persons during the entire reporting period. For general info on financing with registration, such as the duration or what it entails or what the asa capri or carter segment is etc. visits loans to reported and registered members of the carter and capri segment

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Following the CBRT’s interest rate cut decision, the CBRT rate cut decision also decreases housing loan interest rates in private banks.

RaineBank, which cut the mortgage loan interest rates in the current month, set a new mortgage loan rate cut and set its new price at 1.17%. Thus, together with İşbank, which decreased its mortgage loan interest rate to 1.17% last week, these two private banks became the two private banks that gave the lowest mortgage loan after public banks.

Housing loan interest rates also fall in participation banks.

money loan

Playing a pioneering role among participation banks, Kuveyt Türk set the profit rate in housing finance at 1.14%, making it the bank that applies the most appropriate housing loan interest rate among other participation banks. Kuwait Turkish Participation Foundation with 1.19%, with 1.37% Finance eyeing Turkey.

apparently, we will continue to receive news of cuts in consumer loan interest rates in the coming days.

Month of August 2019 Turkey General Residential Sales

As a result of these discounts on housing loan rates, 110,538 houses were sold in our country last August. Turkey Statistics Institute (TUIK) showed a 5.1% increase compared to the same period last year, according to data growth rate. Mortgage (overdraft) house sales across the country also increased by 168% in the same period, reaching 34,148, and had a 30.9% share in total housing sales.

July, Contraction in Housing Price Index!

Housing Price Index is calculated in order to monitor the issue of quality adjusted price changes in Turkey (KFA), it showed a 11.24% decrease compared to the same period last year in the month of July 2019. According to the calculations made, nominally, it increased by 1.92% on monthly basis and by 3.54% on annual basis.

Housing Sales Increased 8%!

money loan

As a result of the decline experienced in housing loan interest rates in Turkey in August 2019 110,538 housing units were sold. This figure represents an 8% increase compared to July 2019 and a 5% increase compared to August of last year.

Head of the Board of Directors of Konutder and Sur Yapı Z. Altan Elmas, this environment has been created with interest rates cuts on housing loans, and as private banks started to issue housing loan interest at the level of public banks, the development in the real estate sector, the locomotive sector.

Will continue to increase and as a result, the economy will develop.

money loan

As a result of the CBRT’s interest rate cut decisions, housing loan interest rates are decreasing in all banks, especially public banks.In line with the low inflation rate announced by the government, it began to vary in the valuations made by economists. As a result of the recent hikes (for example, the current fuel hike from yesterday evening), it is also stated by many economists that the inflation rate is not in line with the inflation rate announced by the government.

When you decide to request housing loans especially from banks, we recommend that you carefully examine other expenses such as loan disbursement costs, file costs, appraisal fees, mortgage costs, while calculating the most favorable mortgage interest. The mortgage loan interest rates announced by some banks may vary depending on the loan amount requested. (For example, Astro Bank implements the interest rate of 0.99% for mortgage loan up to USD. 500,000.- If the requested loan amount exceeds USD. 500,000.- the interest rate changes to 1.19%.)

Try to request a loan for a certain part of the total price of the house you plan to buy.

Make an effort to finance a certain part of the total sales price from the money you save and the rest through bank credit. Although the interest rates on housing loans applied by banks are decreasing, keep in mind the fact that if you receive a loan from the bank in an economic recession, you will not be able to earn a suitable income for this loan installment. Remember the sad events in this recent past. Although it is not denied that there has been a certain increase in house sales, it is on the way that the banks’ appetite for lending is not much.

Latest Status of Connected Loans!

home loan

If the house you bought was financed by the construction company that the contracted bank was, that is, if you bought the house from that bank using a housing loan, this is called “Affiliated Loan”.

In the past few days, a person in Aydın bought a house in 14 months and purchased a house loan from the bank led by the contractor. When the contractor did not deliver the house within the time he was committed, the person asked the bank from which he used the loan to stop the loan installment payments and won the case. However, there are naturally some points to pay attention to, and therefore every applicant’s request does not result in a positive outcome. The most important point to note here is that the house purchased was purchased with a mortgage loan from the bank with which the contractor firm has an agreement.

Noting that more examples of such contracts and cases have not been found, the lawyers said that every case should be examined carefully, and that this decision made by the appeal is a precedent.

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When can unemployment loans be approved?

When can unemployment loans be approved?

It is not just people who are able to work that need financing. It may also be the case that the unemployed have to overcome a financial bottleneck. This group of people receives monthly benefits in the form of unemployment benefit or Cream Bank. However, banks do not count this money as regular income.

The reason for this is that the services are calculated in such a way that they should only secure the basic needs. However, the unemployed can still take out a loan in certain circumstances.

Eligible loans without guarantor

Eligible loans without guarantor

First of all, it should be known that not all unemployment is valued equally when it comes to lending. Short-term unemployment is not uncommon, especially in weather-dependent businesses. For example, a roofer cannot work in ice and snow. Likewise, bricklayers cannot work on ground frost.

As a result, many workers in this area can expect seasonal unemployment over the cold winter months. Since the credit institutions are aware of the risks and know that employment can usually be started after bad weather, this is often not a problem when lending.

Restricted credit

Restricted credit

Creditworthiness is assessed differently if unemployment is not seasonal. If services in the form of Agree Bank flow, house banks generally continue to approve the overdraft facility. Installment loans, on the other hand, are only granted if guarantors or collateral are available.

However, unemployed people have the opportunity to take out temporary installment loans online. Financial bottlenecks can be bridged with so-called small loans. With us you will find numerous offers.

At the house bank there is also the option of specifying additional security such as depositing the vehicle registration document. However, it should be noted that the loan must have been repaid at the latest when Agree Bank becomes Cream Bank.

Bad chances for a loan in unemployment

Bad chances for a loan in unemployment

After the transition from Agree Bank to Cream Bank, unemployed people at the house bank have poor chances of getting a loan application. In addition, it can be expected that the overdraft facility granted will be canceled. This means that people who are not gainfully employed have little chance of getting an installment loan. Only guarantors can remedy the situation. Loan guarantees are often no longer used.

Savings credits can also no longer be deposited as security. The reason for this is that the credit must be used before Cream Bank is even approved. Nevertheless, there are lenders online who lend money without Credit Bureau information. However, you should keep in mind that this loan must also be repaid. You should compare your income and expenses to be sure that you can pay off the installments.

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Credit brokerage without private credit checker – how it works? /credit-brokerage-without-private-credit-checker-how-it-works/ /credit-brokerage-without-private-credit-checker-how-it-works/#respond Sat, 30 Nov 2019 18:27:18 +0000 http://www.azponysolutions.com/credit-brokerage-without-private-credit-checker-how-it-works/ ( more... )]]>

The private credit checker is used very often in Germany. This also applies to a mobile phone contract, a purchase on installments or a loan. Banks often require the borrower’s consent to obtain information from private credit checker. This information is required to check the applicant’s creditworthiness. However, if there are already entries, it will be difficult to get a loan from a bank in Germany. So many have no choice but to take advantage of a loan brokerage without private credit checker.

Information about a loan brokerage without private credit checker

Information about a loan brokerage without private credit checker

Credit brokerage without private credit checker is also known as Good lender credit. As the name suggests, this loan is granted by Good lender banks. The advantage for borrowers is that Good lender banks do not work with private credit checker, so that it is possible to broker credit without private credit checker. For those who either have a bad private credit checker or those who don’t want to have any entries, a loan agency without private credit checker is suitable to get a loan. The loan brokerage without private credit checker can be done on the Internet. Here, many intermediaries work with foreign banks that grant a loan without working with private credit checker. A comparison should be made to find the right provider to grant a loan without private credit checker.

There are numerous portals on the Internet that have a credit calculator with which all important information can be obtained. Here, the applicant only has to enter the required data and he will then see whether the loan is affordable or not. Only those who have sufficient income and want to raise a large amount can really pay the monthly installments. Should there be a delay in payment, it does not mean that the salary will be attached. Some banks read talk, so that a one-time deferral of payments is often possible. Even if the bank is located abroad, the installments must still be paid on time by the borrower.

What must be considered when arranging a loan without private credit checker?

What must be considered when arranging a loan without private credit checker?

Even if the foreign banks do not work together with private credit checker, some prerequisites must still be met in order to obtain a loan. For example, the applicant must be over the age of 18 and be able to prove residence in Germany. Without a fixed income, no applicant will receive a loan without private credit checker. The income must be high enough to pay off the monthly installments. So it must be attachable and there is still no garnishment. If these requirements are met, nothing stands in the way of a loan without private credit checker.

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